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ADA Fire Doors in Germiston supplies a range of transformer doors that epitomise quality craftsmanship. This amounts to an unrivalled product quality and service to our clients. It is our ambition to continuously live up to our leading name in the range of products that we supply, including transformer room doors, mild and stainless steel doors as well as frames.

About Transformer Doors

Transformer doors and frames are made from 1.6mm mild steel, or galvanized steel for coastal areas, and are designed to provide durability and security for industry, prisons, or the energy sector. Transformer doors are fitted with 100mm heavy duty, 4.2mm thick, flanged brass hinges, as well as a pull handle, pad latch, and barrel bolts, in the case of

Functions of Transformer Doors

The design of transformer doors, which are used world-wide, makes them resistant to dust, rain, and snow penetration, and resistant too, to penetration by objects. By installing a transformer door, which is maintenance-free, a building has protection against vandals and flames, and the door is also effective at keeping vermin from entering the property.