Fire Doors
Fire doors are manufactured from various materials, not all of them resistant to fire, the idea being to slow down or prevent the spread of fire in a building. Although they are not entirely fire proof, and will eventually burn in a fire, fire doors are designed in such a way so as to resist intense levels of heat and fire for a particular period of time.

The frame surrounding a fire door is often made from fire resistant materials, usually featuring a seal as well, to stop the spread of smoke. Unlike traditional door material, special material which is also able to withstand the heat of a fire is used in the installation of fire doors.

Fire door installations
Fire doors are widely used to provide safety and security in many buildings, both commercial and industrial.
Functions of fire doors

The function of a fire door is to keep the fire and smoke at bay, thereby allowing the occupants of the building to be evacuated to safety. Fire doors might also be of help to protect assets and property in a building while firefighters are attempting to put out the flames.